The Sword Class is open to Aikido students. Iai, Iaijutsu, formal and battlefield sword techniques are taught in this class.

Santo Ichen Ryu is a style of Kenjutsu (Japanese sword fighting) and draws techniques from three styles of traditional Japanese sword arts.

​Practice occurs with both iaito (non-sharp) blades and with bokken (traditional wooden swords). Through sword training the practitioner gains an understanding of the Riai – an encapsulation of the underlying principles of all types of combat.

We practice Tandoku (kata) to learn technique, and Kumitachi (two person fencing drills) to understand application. We study the art of iai (fast drawing attack) to learn discipline, focus, and precision of movement. We learn close techniques for stopping an opponent’s draw, as well as disarms. We learn to use the katana and wakizashi (short sword), individually and together.

Students learn sword handling, cutting, attack/defense, and movement with an emphasis on traditional sword fighting theory. The study of the sword makes a strong compliment for anyone involved in the Martial Arts by helping to broaden and deepen their understanding of the underlying principles of fighting.

Anyone with an interest in sword fighting can learn this fascinating and traditionally based martial art.

Class is held on Saturdays from 11:30am-12:30pm.

Please contact Jim Peterson for more details: