Chris Devany aka Mestre Grilo Branco has been a dedicated student of Capoeira since 2002, yet his passion for Martial Arts and music began as a child. During his Capoeira apprenticeship, he has learned from several Professores and Mestres (masters) in the US and Brazil. However, Chris had and still has the honor of learning primarily from Mestre Doutor of ASCAB Capoeira. During this time, Chris has trained, performed, and later taught Capoeira throughout the US and abroad.

Chris earned his instructor cord in 2008 and subsequent promotions have lead to his current rank of Professor as of September 2015. He has empowered youth and adults in public and private institutions including Universities throughout the US, and has spent the past 3 years teaching capoeira to youth and adults in Guatemala. Fluent in Spanish and proficient in Portuguese, Chris earned his BAS in Spanish Foreign Language and Literature from the University Of Delaware.

Chris believes our true teacher resides within, and that it is the educator’s job to inspire the students to discover this true teacher inside themselves. His peers and supervisors praise his patience, creative teaching methods, and positive attitude.

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